Литература по земноводным

Alain Dubois & Jean Raffaëlli //Alytes, 2009, 26 (1-4): 1-85.

Several recent studies, particularly dealing with molecular phylogeny, have improved our knowledge of the relationships within the salamander family Salamandridae. However, some only of these ndings have resulted in formal taxonomic changes. In order to homogenize this taxonomy, we hereby recognize several new taxa at various ranks from subfamily to subspecies, and we propose a new comprehensive ergotaxonomy and nomenclature for the whole family. We also discuss some general questions of taxonomy and nomenclature, in particular regarding the concepts of species and genus, the use of taxonomic categories and nomenclatural ranks in taxonomy, the relationships between taxonomy and conservation biology, the various modes of denition of taxa (including diagnoses and cladognoses), the structure and length of scientic nomina, the status of online databases providing taxonomic and nomenclatural data, the designation of nucleospecies of nominal genera and the nomenclatural status of various nomina.


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